How to use Savvy Guides

How to use this site!

This site is designed to enable the more independent cruise ship passengers to plan their own port visits. This short guide is intended to explain what is contained on the site to help you find what you want as fast as possible!


These are short introductions to a port or topic where you can follow the link to find more information.

Port Guides

Under each region you will find several sections. We’re going to illustrate how it works by using one port as an example.

The first is the name of the port e.g. in Baltics, the first entry is Copenhagen. Then there will be sub pages; usually these will be along the lines of A Day Out in Copenhagen and Tourist Attractions in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen – This section is for the guidebook lovers. It is an overview of the port, including history, some practicalities for your visit, contextual information and some quirky facts that you might not have known.

A Day Out in Copenhagen – In this section we have put together some ideas for how to organise your day. There will be two or three plans that include how to travel from one place to the next and give an idea of the time needed.

Tourist Attractions in Copenhagen – This is a table of the most popular tourist attractions in or near the port, explaining why you should go, how to make the best of your time and  what we thought of each attraction.

Books set in….

For those of you who like to really absorb yourselves in a destination, we’ve started to compile a list of cruise guide books (fiction) that are set in or around the various ports that we’ve covered in Savvy Guides.

If you read any of these, please send us your reviews. If you know of something that we’ve omitted – then use the contact us form to let us know.


We invite visitors to the site to join our community through joining the forums.

Useful Resources

Ponders Travel are a great independent company with the latest cruise information and offers.

Cheapoair offer reasonable flights to destinations including New York.

Expedia offer some great travel deals on popular tourist locations.

Tom’s Cruise Blog is a great resource – his posts go into detail from a personal perspective about various cruise destinations around the world.

And that’s it – it’s supposed to be simple!

We very much would like feedback on the site – please contact Russell or Sue at