About us

Hi…!!  We are Russell and Sue, a married couple who, when in our 40’s, discovered cruising. We approached our very first cruise on P&O’s Aurora with a mixture of dread – at the prospect of certain sea-sickness or possibly drowning,  and also, with resignation – we were going with Russell’s parents and were convinced we’d be spending Christmas in an old peoples home at sea…! We were so wrong on all counts! We discovered that there is a huge cross section of people of all ages and approaches to life on cruise ships & that the ships are well built and mostly you can easily forget that you’re actually at sea!

We’re now addicts – floating around in a fabulous luxury hotel where you wake up somewhere new each morning has made us into lazy, blissed out travellers!  We still love land based holidays and went around the world last year without any sign of a cruise ship – however, we do enjoy flopping in a heap in a lovely cabin or enjoying some new tasty treat or some of the old favourites (and that’s just the ships’ entertainment…!)

Savvy Guides is our attempt to help cruise ship passengers make the most of their time in port. We find that with just a few hours in each place, decisions about what to do, have to be made fast! So we aim to publish port guides for the passenger who wants to know a little bit about the context of a port, an honest overview of what there is to see and do and some ideas about how to travel around safely and efficiently. We only write about places that we’ve actually been to.

We’re not terribly brave explorers, and we appreciate that there are times when a ship’s tour is the best way to see the sites, but mostly we think that creating our own little adventure ashore is the best way for us to build our memories of our lovely holidays.

There is nothing better than sharing your exploits with fellow passengers over a meal – and with care, planning and a tiny amout of bravery, you can have a great time and save loads of money…!

We hope that you will find our guides useful and that you will want to contribute your views, ideas for places to see and tips on getting around by adding in comments.

During 2013, we have decided to extend the range of things available to buy online, as well as upgrading current content and giving you the opportunity to search for new cruises or independent tour operators online……..

Happy Sailing!