Southampton, England

Billed as the ‘International Maritime City of Southampton’,  this cruise port is a large city  on the south coast of England. An increasing number of ships are using it as their start/end port for a widening variety of cruises, and with it’s great links to the rest of the UK, it’s a great opportunity to explore both the city and further afield. Southampton has a maritime museum focussed on the Titanic, which set off from here for it’s ill fated maiden voyage, there are some of the best preserved medieval walls in the country, and the oldest bowling green. The […] Read more »


The port of Cadiz is often billed by the cruise ships as the gateway to Seville – but don’t be too quick to dismiss this charming and atmospheric city merely as a route to the (admittedly fabulous) capital of southern Spain. Cadiz is lovely cruise port! It inhabits a split of land surrounded almost completely by the sea, and is widely believed to be the oldest city in western Europe. This was the place where the first Spanish constitution was drawn up, it has both a thriving Old City and new town, a Roman Theatre and a fabulous museum that […] Read more »


Lisbon – capital city of Portugal and fabulous cruise ship destination –  lies on the Atlantic Ocean coast where Rio Tejo (the river Tagus) meets the Atlantic Ocean. This makes it the westernmost capital city of mainland Europe. Unlike other major cities, this is a fabulous city to explore in a day (although it would be really easy to fill several days!). Most cruise ships dock at the Alcantara cruise port which is a short drive from the city centre with its large squares, wide shopping streets and historic lifts to transport you from one level of the city to […] Read more »


For those of you cruising from Southampton, Vigo is a common first stop off. Vigo is the largest city in Spain that isn’t a provincial capital (Pontevedra is the capital of Galicia) and is the 2nd largest fishing port in the world after Tokyo! It’s a great cruise port as you walk off the ship and straight into the town Vigo is a great City for walking round – although you need to be warned that the hills are steep (taxi up and walk back down would be our advice!) The fish market and oyster stalls are of particular interest, […] Read more »


Barcelona is an amazing, vibrant and exciting city and cruise port! It’s very easy to navigate, with a great public transport system and tourist attractions.  The centre is the Placa de Catalunya, which separates the old city from the modern.   To introduce yourself to the city, head to Monument a Colom (Columbus Monument) at Portal de la Pau. Located right by the harbour, it has a lift (for a fee) that takes you up to an enclosed viewing gallery with spectacular views. The windows have diagrams showing all the major features to orient you to the city.  One day will […] Read more »


Click here to open the gallery.Powered by Cincopa wp content plugins solution for your website and Cincopa MediaSend for file transfer. Chocolate and beer seem to be the main reasons for visiting Bruges  – with over 40 chocolate shops and hundreds of Belgian beers to sample this is not a city for the weak-willed or weak-stomached! Cruise ship visitors to Bruges will find themselves docked in nearby Zeebrugge, a port that is the access for Bruges. See our full cruise guides for transport tips, including how to travel from the cruise port to the city. Bruges is a chocoholic’s dream […] Read more »