Dominica is known as the nature lovers island – as confirmed townies, we were a bit reluctant to go ashore but we fell in love with this gorgeous place and have added it to our most favourite places list!

Steam rising from the hot springs

This is definitely a place to take a local tour so that you get to see the rain forest, learn about the plants and animals, taste the fruits, see sulphur springs, impressive waterfalls, fabulous views and even a squished school bus! (Work of a hurricane – no one was in it at the time). Dominica claims to have one of the highest levels of centenarians in the western hemisphere, and says that the reason for this is the pure air and water, and the diet of fish, fruit and vegetables. Most of the Carib Indians driven out from nearby islands by the European settlers in the 17th century found refuge on Dominica, and the Carib Territory is well established on the eastern side of the island and visitors are welcomed. the other ‘must do’ on Dominica is to visit one of the natural spas and relax in the pools, shower under the waterfalls or take a mud treatment – you might not live longer, but your skin will feel lovely!