New York

New York is the city founded on the hopes and dreams of those willing to do whatever it takes to make their dreams come true; the residents are among the most colourful and diverse in America. As a cruise ship destination it really is hard to beat – even if just for the experience of sailing in and out of the fabulous cruise port. That skyline is amazing!

New York consists of five main boroughs. First, there’s The Bronx, home of Yankee stadium. Next, Brooklyn is where you can ride the world famous Cyclone, a bone shaking wooden roller coaster! After the ride on the Cyclone hop on the subway over to Queens, better known as one of the most culturally diverse areas in New York. The Island of Manhattan is home to the popular suburbs of Harlem and Greenwich Village. Finally, Staten Island is considered one of the forgotten suburbs by its residents but shouldn’t be missed by far! Take a ride on the Staten Island ferry and experience the sights along the New York Harbor, you’ll get to witness what many immigrants considered a symbol of freedom and hope, the majestic Statue of Liberty.

Before you venture to New York, keep the weather conditions in mind. Autumn is the best time to visit because the climate is temperate and welcoming with bright days full of sunlight and comfortably warm temperatures. New York in the spring-time is also pleasant and warm. The summer season can be classified as almost tropical with hot and humid conditions and temperatures reaching highs up to 90 degrees. Rainfall is more common during the winter season because of its’ close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, however, January has the coldest temperatures of the season.

New York is huge and can be overwhelming to the first time visitor – but fear not! Savvy Guides aim to help you make the most of this most fabulous of cities – we’re almost certain that you’ll fall in love with it!