St Kitts

Cockleshell Beach

St Kitts is a hugely popular cruise ship destination, and is part of the Leeward Islands in the Eastern Caribbean. Dramatic scenery, beautiful beaches and a rich and interesting history make this island a fabulous stop on your cruise. It has a dormant volcano, previously dubbed Mount Misery by the British settlers, but renamed since independence as Mt Liamuiga (The Caribe Indian name for the island). The Black Rocks to the north of the island are the remnants of lava deposits and along some parts of the shoreline the sulphur smell in the air indicates that below the sea, there is still volcanic activity in the region! St Kitts was the first British territory in the Caribbean, claimed by Thomas Warner in 1623, and became known as the ‘Mother Colony’ as it was from here that the British colonised 10 other Caribbean islands. You’ll find Picadilly Circus in Basseterre, red British phone boxes and everyone driving on the left. Until recently there was also a Pall Mall Square! This is an island of natural beauty, historic interest and amazing weather – we experienced heavy rain and hot bright sunshine several times each during our short stay!