Stockholm truly deserves the title ‘Venice of the North’. This is a great cruise ship destination as it is a city that is a vibrant metropolis where the old effortlessly merges  with the new, and therefore is a true joy to visit.  History, culture, amusement, shopping or relaxation, those who know where to look can find it all. Stockholm is built across a series of islands linked by bridges – so pick up a map and use our guide to find your way around!

Your cruise ship will most likely dock a short drive away from  Gamla Stan, the Old City which is the heart of the city.  Its tight, romantic alleyways date from the middle ages and house some of the jewels of city, such as the Stockholms slot (the Royal Palace) and the Nationalmuseum (the National Museum).  It is surrounded by the downtown area, with further museums, as well as the Djurgården park area.  It is here where the mix of old and new that Stockholm is so well-loved for  becomes obvious, as you can find new-age buildings like the Globe only blocks away from medieval and romantic palaces and houses.  The archipelago surrounding Stockholm is also worth a boat trip.  This is where Stockholmers go to enjoy their time off and its quiet islands provide a nice contrast to the busy city.

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