Europe is the 2nd smallest continent of the world; although it’s actually the western peninsula of Eurasia. The British Isles and Iceland are two of the biggest off shore islands of Europe (although the British tend to refer to the whole continent as Europe – but don’t include themselves in this!)

Northern Europe refers to the Scandinavian countries, the Baltic countries, European Russia, Iceland. We have classed these countries as ‘Baltic’ for Savvy Guides.

The UK, it’s islands & Ireland can sometimes be included in Northern Europe, but more generally are classed as ‘Western Europe’. The rest of Western Europe is defined as the left hand half of the continent – broadly speaking, Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland form the border. The best time to visit Western Europe is May to September, although further south it can be lovely weather slightly before and after this time.

Eastern Europe is made up of the rest! Cruise ships tend to mainly visit Greece, the Greek Islands, Turkey, Cyprus and Croatia. The season is longer than in Western Europe and the spring and autumn are significantly better times to visit than the summer – when you may fry!!

The distance from the ships berth to the main attractions can be very short – as in Barcelona & Gibraltar, or a good hour away, as in Bruges and Rome. Check out our Savvy Guides below for information to help you make the most of your day.

We Brits sometimes struggle to see ourselves as Europeans, but to aid navigation, we have included Southampton on this page…!

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