For those of you cruising from Southampton, Vigo is a common first stop off. Vigo is the largest city in Spain that isn’t a provincial capital (Pontevedra is the capital of Galicia) and is the 2nd largest fishing port in the world after Tokyo! It’s a great cruise port as you walk off the ship and straight into the town

Having a break from shucking the oysters that Vigo is famous for!

Vigo is a great City for walking round – although you need to be warned that the hills are steep (taxi up and walk back down would be our advice!) The fish market and oyster stalls are of particular interest, there are some unusual examples of street art and many small, traditional churches to visit. The museum of modern art is reputed to be the best in Spain – but it’s closed on Mondays.

Vigo may not immediately strike the visitor as one of the more enticing  cruise ports to visit – but don’t underestimate it. It’s definitely worth exploring to find the old city heart, the quiet back streets and the oyster ladies who seem to be shucking away for most of the day!