Visby, known as the Town of Roses and Ruins is located in the Swedish island of Gotland and is found at the heart of the Baltic Sea.

From the moment you set eyes on the island you will appreciate its magnificent beauty with its beautiful beaches and exquisite scenery and countryside.  Visby has impressive cathedrals and the rooftops of its nearly 200 stone buildings rising up in the skyline are clearly visible as your ship draws into port. Your adventure begins from your first sighting of the island before you even set foot in port, and you will not be disappointed. Visby has something to offer everyone.savvyguideslogo

If you are interested in history, then Visby offers many historical sites for you to explore. The most impressive historical feature is the Medieval City Wall which extends 2 miles around the oldest part of the city inhabiting 2000 people, and is not to be missed. Dating back to the 13th century, it is one of Europe’s oldest and longest walls of its kind, with all 40 of its towers still intact today.

The spirit of this medieval city can be explored through a gentle stroll down its elegant winding streets, which were designed to confuse any intruders that made it past the great fortifications. Many beautiful rose gardens can be seen during your stroll as well, which gives Visby its name as the Town of Roses and Ruins. Visby is also acknowledged as being on UNESCO’s World Heritage List since 1995, making it a popular destination for tourists.

And if that has not caught the senses, then why not explore the Stora Torget, otherwise known as the market square for the essential souvenir and shopping experience. Here you can find many different vendors selling jewellery, food, art, craft items and leather goods specific to the country, and gives a real perspective of the life and culture of the people of the island.

For those art lovers, the Visby Museum of Art is a must for its regional offerings, and houses many contemporary paintings and sculptures. A beautiful mosaic can be seen outside the museum of a shepherdess and her sheep. The Ram is a symbol of Gotland, and the imagery of sheep can be seen throughout the island.

Finally, if you have time, St. Mary’s Cathedral provides a pleasant visit containing many striking features including its stained glass windows. This church contains an interesting history being consecrated in 1255 and later restored in 1899- 1907 and in 1945. It is one of the oldest churches still in use today on the island.

Overall, Visby is at the heart of the Baltic and certainly offers the traditional Baltic experience through its spectacular scenery and history.